mug, you

mug, you
   ‘What do you mean, you mug?’ says a male American speaker to another man, in Mae West’s The Pleasure Man. In the Laurel and Hardy film Pack up your Troubles a sergeant addresses a group of soldiers as ‘you mugs’. A Salute to the Great McCarthy, by Barry Oakley, has an Australian football setting. The narrator hears the crowd jeering at him: ‘Wake up McCarthy! You mug!’ The word is roughly the equivalent of ‘fool’ or ‘dupe’, the idea behind it being that a mug is something into which you can pour almost anything. A simpleton can likewise be persuaded to believe almost anything.
   The existence of ‘mug’ in this slang sense led to the use of the last name ‘Muggins’ for similar purposes. ‘You Muggins’ is therefore still occasionally heard as a mild insult.

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